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David Swanson: 'We want cuts!' - Occupy DC Targets Wars and Economy [theRealNews]
                                    15M 15M

Protesters pepper sprayed at the National Air & Space Museum
             15M 15M

                                             Occupy DC Protest - October 8, 2011
                                         15M 15M

            Opednews.com: protesters                                                  Occupy DC October
  pepper sprayed at Air Space Museum                                        6 2011 /No more war
15M             15M                

                           Emma's Revolution singing "Occupy the USA"
                              at Tar Sands Rally at State Dept Hearing, DC
                                 15M 15M

               Occupy DC 10.05.2011             Occupy DC Freedom Plaza Kickoff -Lili Haydn 10.05.2011
15M          15M           

    Protesters converge on America's capital to 'Occupy DC'                  Occupy DC 10.04.2011
 15M                              15M               

                                   October 2011: Social Justice
                                         Antiwar Protesters to Occupy 
                              "Freedom Plaza" in Washington, DC
                           15M 15M

                                                                 Occupy Washington
                                               15M 15M

October2011.org: 10/6/2011 @ Freedom Plaza, Washington, D.C.
15M 15M

                                                                                                                       Occupy DC Day 4
                                                                                                        Col Ann Wright and Commander
              Occupy DC Day 3 - March on ALEC                         Leah Bolger visit us for the afternoon
       15M                     15M             

            Occupy DC invades Newseum                Jobs Not Cuts    Woman cries and pleads
        hates on Ron Paul & Alex Jones                "Save our babies!" as Van Jones comforts her
15M              15M         

                                           Obama Supporters "Occupy" DC ( 10/1/2011 )
                                               15M 15M

#OccupyDC In solidarity with the #OccupyWallStreet
movement and #OccupyTogether around the country.
          15M 15M

                               Occupy DC Signs (Day 1)                          Occupy DC McPherson Square 4
                    15M          15M