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                                                ***EXCLUSIVE*** #OccupyBoston
                       Police arrests protesters & dispose of tents in park - Oct 11, 2011
                                              15M 15M

Boston Police Attack Veterans for Peace
by @haveyoumetter for @DigBoston                                                    Occupy Boston: Police Action

               Occupy Boston: Police beat                                     Occupy Boston 10/10/2011
                 war veterans, 100 arrested                      Police show their presence at new campsite
15M               15M             

                                                                                                                            Occupy Boston 
                                                                                                                        Kid with Horn Shoved
Pushed Out of the Park By Boston Police                                               While Peacefully Retreating

         Occupy Boston 10/10/2011: Police drive-by
                     and a walk around the protest                            Colleges Occupy Boston
15M                       15M    

Occupy Wall Street kids are 99%
people at Columbus day 2011 Boston              Take Back Boston March & Rally

          Occupy Boston - Protest at Federal Reserve Bank                 Federal Reserve Building
                                of Boston, 10/8/2011                                              Occupy Boston Sat 8 Oct 2011
15M                                15M             

                                                  Take Back Boston March & Rally
                                            15M 15M

Occupy Boston. The Beginning is Near            Noam Chomsky on Occupy Boston 9/30/2011
15M         15M            

Tour of Occupy Boston - 10/8                                                            Occupy Boston 10/8/11

                                             Boston Police talking to Protesters
                                                    at Occupy Boston 10/5/11
                                        15M 15M

                                                                                              Cornel West and other speakers 
 Marching at Occupy Boston 10/5/11                                         at Occupy Boston 10/5/11

                      Occupy Boston - September 30th GA segments
                          15M 15M

                                                                                                                    Occupy Boston 
     Take Back Boston March & Rally                                  General Speeches 1st General Assembly
15M                   15M                   

                              Take Back Boston                                 Boston Bank of America
                   Bank of America Protest March                 Foreclosure Protests 720p 002
 15M                  15M    

                                                                                                              09/30/11 Bank of America
        Take Back the City in Boston                                                 demonstration in downtown Boston
15M                        15M                    

                          Residents Take Foreclosure Fight to Bank Exec's Doorstep
                                          15M 15M