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         Occupy Wall Street - NYPD Gone Wild                                   I AM NOT MOVING
     Attacking Protesters With Motor Bikes - mirror                   Short Film - Occupy Wall Street

cops beating people up at occupy wall street
15M 15M

                                        Occupy Wall Street Police Brutality Day8
                                         15M 15M

        Occupy Wall Street Movement                                           Occupy Wall St. women arrested
 Reports 80 Arrested Today in Protests                             for asking not to be manhandled by police.
15M                        15M                

                       NYPD: "Everybody lock somebody up" 
                           Occupy Wall Street, Sept. 24, 2011
                     15M 15M

                                                    #OccupyWallSt - Law Student & Journalist
                                                     Arrested for Civil Disobedience 9/24/11
                                                   15M 15M

Police Use Forceful Tactics and Mace at                           UNEDITED - COP KNEE ON THROAT
'Occupy Wall Street' Protests                                                9/24/2011 #OCCUPYWALLSTREET
15M                  15M                   

             NYPD officers give peaceful protester                           9/24/2011 Marisa Holmes Forcefully
           a concussion during OCCUPY WALL STREET                   Arrested #occupywallstreet
15M                             15M              

                                                   Unbelievable protest footage
                                                 NYPD drag girl across the street
                                         15M 15M

Occupy Wall Street Police Abuse                             Occupy Wall Street - The Whole World Is Watching

           09 21 2011 Police forcefully                         Police Arrest Protester for Drawing with Sidewalk
     grab a young man! #occupywallstreet                                 Chalk @ Occupy Wall Street 9_19_11
15M                    15M           

                                               Breaking occupy wall street news
                                         15M 15M

Brutal police arrests this morning 20th sep 2011                                   Occupy Wall Street NYC
       (1) OCCUPY WALL STREET                                                    police attack 9/20/11.3gp
15M                        15M                

                     Occupy Wall Street (Day 4 Update) 
                          Rain & Police State Arrests                             Occupy Wall Street police arrival
15M                          15M         

MARCH ON WALL STREET                                Brutal police arrests this morning 20th sep 2011 

    "I CAN'T BREATHE!" - Police Brutality                                    NYPD push and arrest protesters
             at 10:30AM at Liberty Plaza                                               at OCCUPY WALL STREET!
15M                           15M                  

   ( Sept 20, 2011) Spread This Video Please                       Account of brutal arrest 09/19/2011
     15M             15M            

                                Seven Wall Street Protesters 
                                  Arrested New York City Police
    15M                     15M

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